Hidden Folder. Toggled Setting.

I know many people have written on this, but I wanted to chime in with a solution I think is useful and quick (“quick” is the operative word here). There are lots of times you’ll want to make hidden files visible in Finder on your Mac so you can easily work with them through the UI and other times you want to hide them because you hate .DS_Store and it irritates to see it being created all the time. In every folder. Even when you’re just trying to zip up some stuff all neatlike.. It’s like… What is it trying to prove?

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So I relieved a pain in my ass yesterday and decided to make it re-usable relief. Often times you need to take a bunch of non-formatted names and insert them in to a database (or otherwise use them for a computer program). Obviously, no one thinks to format the names in the same manner when they’re initially collecting them, especially if there are several thousand. Instead of destroying my wrists via data entry to handle this issue, I created a tool to help.

Backstory : My mother volunteers at church with children of all ages, and I recently created a administrative site to help her keep track of and update all 3,000 children (along with their grade, attendance, parent/guardians, age, allergies, and several other points of interest). They had already had an access database so, of course, when I finished the database we thought about how crazy it would be to re-enter all that information. I pulled out my red cape and said just get me a CSV, I’ll convert it.

It was not that simple.
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You don’t know NaN…

As I began to peruse my Trick Daddy collection of classics this fine Sunday afternoon, I happened upon a particularly telling piece called “Nann”. The mix of potent bassline and bold southern lyrics set forth by Mr. Daddy threw me into a reflective mood wherein I  pondered my own knowledge of JavaScript (the song is NSFW, but if you’d like to throw yourself in a similar mood go here). Anyhow, while reflecting, I had to ask myself…

What do I know about NaN?

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My Solution To Twitter’s Puddle Problem

I’ve been trying to level-up on my programming in the last year, and one of the areas I’m trying to grow in is algorithms. Algorithms are like magic, once you know the secret, it’s obvious, but until you crack one, they seem almost impossible.

UPDATE : I’ve realized there’s a case where my algorithm doesn’t work. It’s a simple fix, I’ll update the article soon :-)

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What’s Meaningful?

Sometimes you just want to create something beautiful and you don’t care who gets credit as long as it gets made. With that in mind you may steal a few elements in an effort to move faster. To be clear, I’m not referring to immoral/clandestine stealing. I’m talking about something you could be 100% honest about, but pride prevents you from doing.

For example, I needed to code something today for a project. I started by recreating something that was already done on the internet. The problem was already solved. I just wanted to “feel” like the one that did it. But then I thought, “What am I learning?”, “What am I adding mankind’s collective knowledge?”

Not a damn thing.

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Just a Bit about Floats and Ints…

As you begin your journey into Computer Science, you’ll realize that there a myriad of concepts designed to, for lack of a better phrase, rape your brain. As a general rule of thumb, I believe that brain rape should be assiduously avoided. Therefore, in an effort to do my part to lower the crime rate amongst in our community, I figured I’d explain an idea that hurt my brain when I first came across it. Namely, how are floats able to represent more values than ints can with the same space?

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